Wearing Pants Is Gonna’ Suck The Most.

Tomorrow I head back to work – after 2 solid weeks (minus a few days, and a few extra hours, of work). I can’t say that I’m ready to go back, specifically, but I am not filled with dread.

This time off has done some really good work on filling a few potholes in my soul, to be honest. In the weeks leading up to the vacation, I could feel my edges growing increasingly frayed. Not for any particular reason. I had taken a bunch of single days off here and there, a lot of Fridays in particular, and I thought those were enough – but the cumulative effect of sleeping late and hanging out at home for several consecutive days has definitely been a good thing.

I had a mental list of things to accomplish during the time off and I didn’t come anywhere near getting all of it done – but I made a decent dent in it. Two full bookshelves organized. Hair dyed. Washed the curtains. Read some books. Stayed up late. Slept even later. Watched a movie. Updated my music USB stick for the car. Little things that are all very good things.

Sometimes I am very aware of the ways my job impacts on me – emotionally – and other times I just ride the wave. Too often there isn’t a place for me to toss my emotions, so I just sort of let them sit there until they dissipate. What else is there? What can you do with some huge injustice other than accept your part in it? (And hope that your part is to alleviate some part of the injustice, obviously.)

For now, at least, the edges are smoothed, the emotions are calm. I’m optimistic and hopeful. I’m looking forward to some of the challenges that await. I’m looking forward to some of my routine.

(Check me out in a week and we’ll see if it stuck.)

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