The Antidote To The Winter Blahs.

Sweet hot damn, sunshine! SUNSHINE!

I went to the library yesterday and came home with a small clutch of books to peruse. While I am 99% about the ebooks, and the fact that I can read them as I fall asleep, I had forgotten how much fun it is to wander up and down the stacks and literally judge books by their covers.  Sundays at the library are good – quiet, with free parking. I’m aiming to make visits there a bit more frequent.

After that, I went over to one of the outreach locations to check whether they’d be open today (it’s a holiday) so I could let the scheduled outreach worker know if he had to be there, or not.  (Answer: yes, it’s open.)

There are a lot of interesting things to see at that location and it’s nearly impossible for me to take photos when I’m working – there are just too many people around, too many faces I don’t want to include, too many people who will get suspicious of me snapping pictures.

The sun was shining, the air was crisp, so I hung around for a bit and got some close-ups of graffiti, some patterns in the concrete, the reddish doors.. and that made me rather happy. Someday I’d like to take some photos inside.

The urge to go for a bike ride was kind of overwhelming – but my back is fuuuucked up. I’m trying not to be upset about it; my shoulder/neck stuff has been really quite good lately and I’ve been gradually doing a bit more with my upper body in the hopes of strengthening things.  I know that going for even a short ride would make my back worse – and I’m trying to avoid getting everything worked up. Sigh.

Instead, I came home and took Cadet out for a nice saunter around the neighbourhood. I like to think that he appreciates walking with me sometimes because he actually gets to stop and sniff things. He and Coffee do a lot of running together (which he very much enjoys) but I’ll happily stand next to a tree for 2 or 3 minutes while he sniffs at it.. and eventually pees on it.  It was a good chance to stretch out my back a bit, too, and the sunshine was lovely.

Basically, spring fever is totally setting in. It’s only 6°C today but I KNOW the nice weather is on the horizon and oh, man, I can’t wait. Wide-open windows! Fresh air! Sunshine! Things growing! Wooo!

I’m not sure how I’m going to survive the next few (colder, with some snow predicted) weeks.

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