Things are better today. Normally I’d attribute that to a solid night of sleep, but.. nope.

I have a tentative plan in my mind about how I’m going to handle some stuff – and all that’s left is for my brain to fine-tune it, my mouth to rehearse the words, and then I’ll put it in action and see what happens.

I feel.. good – a little residual tinge of disappointment, but no anger or frustration.  We’ll see how long it lasts. The pieces seem to be in the right places, at least.

I’ll put the credit for this mental shift in my finally finishing this book, but really, the usual advice about clinging too tightly, and trying to control things that can’t be controlled, applies as much as anything else. Throw in some comparisons and some envy for good measure! Oh, my nemeses! My archenemies!  Goddammit.


Today is coffee + library day; fresh air and some sunshine can’t hurt. Also: books. Books always help.  I’m returning a stack of mostly-unread books from the path I thought I’d take, so that’ll be my housekeeping for the day – and I’ll wander the stacks until I find something intriguing to occupy my mind in a positive way.

Tomorrow is.. tomorrow. I’ll get to that when I get to it.

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