I Can’t Fit Under The Sofa, That’s Why.

Me: I CAN be spontaneous! Why don’t you think I’m spontaneous??

Coffee: Why don’t I think you’re spontaneous? You like to stay at home, you don’t like to go to other people’s houses, you don’t want people in our house, when people come to the door unexpectedly you hide in the basement and basically just want me to get them to go away..

Me: Wait. Our bedroom and office is in the basement! I’m not hiding in a real basement. You make me sound like a cat that runs and hides behind boxes when the doorbell rings!

Coffee: ..

Me: I mean, if I thought people could see in through the basement windows I totally WOULD hide between two cardboard boxes in a dark corner..

Coffee: ..

Me: Fine. But I COULD be spontaneous.

One thought on “I Can’t Fit Under The Sofa, That’s Why.

  1. Michelle

    I see a shift in discussions from boundaries to spontaneous. Is this your next challenge to yourself?

    I do NOT mind being spontaneous, but I do not like it if other people are spontaneous. I have a very firm desire/need to be in control of my time and my life. So when people interrupt that with their spontaneity, my first reaction is anger and annoyance.


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