Perhaps you have come here looking for my thoughts, or my feelings, about mother’s day?  You will be sadly disappointed – I have nothing new to say. It is still a complicated day that I really wish would stop showing up every year because, ultimately, it just feels like a lot of pressure on all sides.

Let’s move on.

Michelle asked if I was working on ‘spontaneity’ in place of (or alongside?) ‘boundaries’ and my answer is pretty much: no.  I mean, I’m not averse to shaking things up in my life – ON MY OWN TERMS, WITH NO INTERFERENCE FROM ANYONE TRYING TO BE SPONTANEOUS – but I am also really quite comfortable with my routines and my habits. They keep me in line. They keep my life from melting down.

I rather enjoy a certain degree of predictability. I am also okay with doing something spontaneously if I feel the urge.

Rather un-spontaneously, earlier today I went out shopping for drawer liners which, I gotta’ say, is about as exciting as you’d imagine it to be. We’re looking for some easy-to-clean liners for the new kitchen drawers in order to keep things from getting scuffed up and stained for as long as possible.  Ideally inexpensive and durable.

The only kind of drawer liners that I could find at the store were scented – lavender or cucumber – and, even though I knew I could just shout, “LOOK, SPONTANEITY!” I also knew that I didn’t want to line the kitchen drawers with anything scented.  (Yes, these were meant for clothing drawers and not kitchens. The store had nothing for kitchens.)

When I left the store, empty-handed, I realized that it was really windy – which would not be even a tiny bit conducive to the bike ride I had hoped to take. I had already mentally allocated about 45 minutes of my afternoon to that ride, however, so instead of heading home I decided to take a little walk over at a local park.

The key thing about this park is that it has a gigantic hill – ridiculously large when compared to anything else in the city. I figured if I hiked up the side of it, then wandered around a bit, I could kill at least 20 minutes (or maybe 3 hours, gasping on the side of the hill).

The hike up wasn’t as terrible as I expected – I mean, it’s a damned steep hill and I wasn’t on a path. But even with a bit of photo-taking at the top, a brief conversation with a dog (and her owner), and some time spent watching birds dive-bombing each other, I was back to my car about 35 minutes later.

And it was a lovely little break with some sunshine and fresh air.

And Coffee called it “spontaneous”.

And I swear, I’ll be done cracking jokes about spontaneity soon. Probably.

2 thoughts on “Sunshine.

  1. Michelle

    Not sure if I believe you (about the spontaneity thing. I totally believe that Mother’s day is complicated)

  2. Olya

    I was looking for a funny card to post on Mother’s Day. What I found instead was a wealth of (very funny) passive-aggressive ones, quite a few of which I was very tempted to share. Contemplating putting them on my poor neglected blog instead 🙂


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