It’s September 3rd.

The middle child still lives at home – taking me up on an offer of one month at $100. Various things still included. I suspect he begrudges this, but recognizes the futility in complaining.

He did say that he no longer considers living in his truck to be an option. I suspect this is because his boss did not, in fact, think it was a great idea to have that happening on the business’ property, rather than him coming to the conclusion that living in a truck is a terrible plan.

He told us that mid-September he’s planning to rent a house with some friends. They have not yet found a house. They figure that the cost of renting a house is around $1,500 – but he had not given any thought to things like heat and hydro and water and internet.

That discussion ended with me sending him an itemized budget of “household costs” – mortgage (rent), heat, hydro, water, insurance, internet. And then there’s food. Divide the total by 4 or 5, the dollar figure is still pretty high. Definitely higher than $300/person.

(Also, that email ended with me sitting silently, staring at my computer screen, muttering to myself about how fucking expensive life is.  Hoooooooooly crap.)

At any rate, that’s where we sit as of today. Who knows what’ll happen in the next few weeks?

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