Secret Handshake Is Next.

(If you’re tired of hearing about my car, just stop reading now.)

Two different Mustang drivers flashed me peace signs today while I was driving and, both times, I promptly burst into happy tears. Yes, okay, this may be a bit PMS-related, but it does confirm that the joy of driving Louise has absolutely not dissipated in the slightest. It’s like I’m in a gang!

I drove her to Hamilton this week and man, she is a huge fan of the highway. Not just the fact that we can drive really, really fast (ahem) but the wide open space with very little start-stop was good for both of us. Windows down, music up.

And downtown Hamilton, with all its ridiculous one-way streets, is always good for my soul. Familiar places with a lot of history attached..  plus Louise.  It was perfect. I stopped in for lunch at a place that my friend Hills has been recommending (to everyone, constantly) and wasn’t disappointed. I grabbed some Roma Pizza. I went to the beach and took a little walk down by the (very humid) waterfront. And I did my first semi-parallel park which was.. not smooth.. but not terrible, either.

Ah, Louise. Just lovely. I feel very lucky. Good times.

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