I’ve been off of Facebook for the week – as I usually try to do when I take some vacation/time off from work – and I can’t say that I’ve missed any part of it other than the distraction it provides when I’m bored or in-between things.  This isn’t part of some big picture disconnect from social media; I’ll be right back on FB soon enough.

The break made me realized how much of my work had seeped into my social media, though I should have known –  I always get messages from people who want to set up presentations or ask me about media things or invite me to things or just ask my opinion.  And I love talking about my job, so getting the occasional message with that kind of content doesn’t bother me, generally.

But.. in my ‘spare time’, using social media, I’m also keeping the agency facebook pages going, trying to remember to use twitter sometimes, reading articles that are work-related (to subsequently post to the work pages), and trying to stay on top of the relevant issues.   So, it’s a post to my personal page about what I ate for dinner and then 5 posts for work.  My FB feed is full of posts from other agencies, groups, media, advocacy..  not to mention all of the friends I have who work with me, in some way, or in parallel ways (who are also posting related content!) I’m guilty of this too – there are plenty of times where I’ve messaged a coworker who I know rarely checks email/texts because I need info (or am curious about something) at 8pm.

So, taking a week off from FB was a pretty solid way to take a WEEK OFF from work. It seems a bit dramatic – but I tend to be all-in or all-out with a lot of difficulty finding space between. In everything. Not just work.  I’d like to be the sort of person who can compartmentalize (?) better but I literally don’t have the mental space to do it. If I’m not all-in on something, it pretty much doesn’t exist in my brain.

The week ahead is busy – I haven’t looked at my calendar (saving that for Sunday night! what a treat!) but I seem to remember a full day + evening on Monday, a full day + evening on Tuesday, something happening on Wednesday, a full day + van night on Thursday, and something happening on Friday.  (Here’s hoping I’m forgetting some big chunk of time where I can relax and catch up on things in a leisurely way – ha!)

First, though, 2 days left of .. whatever I feel like doing.

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