55 Million.

The current lottery jackpot is 55 million dollars. This morning, over coffee, we discussed what we’d do if we won (alternating between practical “put most of it into a trust” and daydreaming a bit).

Coffee declared that we’d collect the money and immediately leave town for at least 2 weeks. This, apparently, will prevent people from asking us for money immediately.  I’m not sure about that, but I’ll take a 2 week vacation anyway. Where? I’m not sure yet.

After that, I’m buying a 2nd Mustang (a brand new one – the hundred thousand+ dollar version) for my ‘summer ride’ and doing a few upgrades to Louise as my daily driver.

We’re buying a ‘vacation home’ in Hamilton and oh, for the hell of it, a cottage up north somewhere vaguely remote.  And, of course, paying off our existing mortgage and car loans and whatnots.

I will buy some Fluevogs and get a lot of tattoos.

Coffee (with me in tow) will travel to a lot of running-related things – races in other cities and countries.  I am insisting on Japan and Iceland.

I will take some private lessons in all sorts of things that I want to learn. Private so that I can ask a lot of questions – starting with sewing lessons, I think.

There will be some sort of investment made – and, essentially, an ‘allowance’ given to us – so we’ll be financially secure for the rest of our lives. Coffee will quit his job. I will shift my job to being mostly a volunteer thing where I do only the things I want to do and none of the stuff I don’t.

I’d also like to create something that would benefit my clients in a really good way – maybe create some housing? – but I’m not positive what that would look like other than I suppose it would be about creating a charitable org.  This will take some thinking.

Anyway – I can’t wait.  It’s going to be great.

2 thoughts on “55 Million.

  1. Chz

    £32M. Let’s say £10M put off into a trust fund of some sort to live off of. Even at 1% interest, that’s more than enough for day-to-day life.

    You’d only be gone for 2 weeks? I’d stuff everything useful in a storage locker, put the house on the market, hire a private tutor to come with us and spend at *least* 5 months travelling. At minimum. And when we’re done, we’d have to decide which country is “home” now. Plus a couple of pied-a-terres elsewhere.


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