NaBloPoMo Can Blow Me.

Oh good, it’s day 2 and I’ve got.. nothing. Unless I’m literally just going to recount my day, like a true diary from whenever it was that people kept actual diaries? No, no I am not.

Some random things:

Today Coffee and I went together to deliver something to a client. On arriving, the client came out to meet us and started talking, sort of upset, about being threatened by someone with a non-traditional weapon. There were verbal threats made. In the past, this would likely have upset me – like, should I take this person with me? Call police? Call someone else? – but my response in this instance was, “Oh, man, that’s shitty..” followed by doing exactly what I was doing before that. My clients’ lives have a lot of shitty things in them and I have learned that things change fast – so, honestly, unless I saw the person show up with the non-traditional weapon in hand, I was fine. I am sure that now, a few hours later, everything is fine there, too.

I am constantly being reminded that the people I really like are generally viewed as being scary, terrible people. And in some cases, they are legitimately kind of.. terrible people. But most of them are truly lovely and kind people going through shitty things (see above) and even the terrible people have positive qualities that I can find quite easily. People do whatever they need to do to survive – I can’t judge if I’ve never been in their shoes.

(Obviously, I believe in, and practice, unconditional positive regard when I am working.)

Every time I drive Louise somewhere, it seems, I end up in conversation with a random stranger. Usually it’s some guy yelling about how beautiful she is – which seems, lately, to end with that stranger lying on the ground trying to look at her underbelly. I don’t know why, but it’s what dudes do apparently. I am charmed by this. She is just the best fucking thing since sliced bread.

I am dreading winter.

Baking season is nice, though. Pretty glad that’s happening now.

I am desperately behind on my Goodreads goal of 100 books – I gotta’ buckle down and stop falling asleep while reading.

I’m done here.

4 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo Can Blow Me.

  1. Olya

    I deliberately set a low goal for myself on GoodReads this year – 50 books. And I have surpassed it, so I get to feel good about myself 🙂 Last year I did not meet my 100 goal, and felt like a failure, which is why expectations got lowered this year 🙂

    1. violet Post author

      I’ve finished 78 of the 100 I intend to read – but I’m still determined. I just need to find time to read during daytime hours. My ebooks just knock me out.


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