I missed yesterday. I was positive that I had written something yesterday but.. maybe just in my head? (That sort of implies that I had some deep thoughts yesterday but no, no, I did not.)

The middle kid is moving out today. Well. He hasn’t been home in a few days and his instagram shows the back of his truck full of his friend’s belongings, so I assume he’ll show up here at some point to load up his own stuff.

I am curious just how often I’ll hear from him once he’s fully out of the nest. If he decides to emulate his older brother, the answer is “not at all” but.. I guess we’ll see. At the very least, I imagine we’ll hear from him occasionally for practical things and perhaps he’ll stop by for Solstice and dinner on his birthday. Free food and gifts are pretty much universally appealing.

In the meantime, I am doing laundry. In a few minutes I’ll start attempting to sort through my ‘seasonal clothing’ to see if I’m missing anything I need for the cold months. I may get super inspired and sort through my makeup – yesterday I washed my brushes and 7 (generic) beauty blenders. It’s worth noting that I don’t wear foundation more than a few times per year, so I have no business owning 7 beauty blenders, generic or otherwise. At least the makeup brushes make sense – I wear eyeliner pretty much every day… and should probably clean them a lot more frequently. Gah.

I have a series of grow lights in my room – for my succulents, violets, and other assorted plants (not weed). They’re on a timer and, when they turn on, it’s like the centre of the sun here – – but purple. The time changed last night (stupid daylight savings time) but I did not change the timer for the lights and.. so I woke up early this morning.  I’d like to say that I remained productive after that woke me up but, no, no I did not. It’s 11:45 and I’m sitting here in my jammas.

I’m hungry. Someone needs to make me some microwaved mini pizzas (me. The person is me.)

I’ve recently developed an affection for Depeche Mode having spent 30 years thinking of them as being overrated. Even some of the newer stuff is quite good.

I ordered legal weed 18 days ago and it hasn’t shipped yet. Good job government. Good job.

This may count as yesterday’s entry or today’s… we’ll see what happens later today.

4 thoughts on “Right-o.

  1. Chz

    Given your love of the electro-cheese, I’m shocked it’s taken that long to come around to DM. Though I suppose Ah-Ha fills that void quite neatly most of the time, without producing something like “Somebody”.


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