Tangerine Dream Review.

For lack of anything else to write about, here’s a review of some weed.

Actually, first, here’s a bit of rambling on the topic.  Despite the legalization across Canada, quite a few  people are still whispering about it. I know plenty of people ordered from a legal source when it became available – some out of curiosity because they’ve never tried it, some necessity because the dispensaries and legal producers are running short, and some because it’s been 40 years since they’ve tried any weed and they’re wondering if they’ll still enjoy it.

But very few people are talking about it the same way the would about alcohol. I assume some people just aren’t comfortable with it yet – the language, the lingo, the details. I assume others are still worried they’ll be judged.

The legal website for purchase here doesn’t allow reviews – and, to be honest, their product info is pretty short on details. Hopefully that improves but, in the meantime, there are plenty of sites that provide plenty of details about various strains.

We’ll call this review – and any that come in the future – my own personal ranking system in the event that I need help figuring out what/if to re-order.

I got a pretty hefty order of legal weed recently – two orders, actually, that arrived on the same day (because I got impatient waiting for the first one to arrive). Today I finally had the chance to try one of the strains and.. it’s been quite the day.

Today’s sample was Tangerine Dream (sativa dominant), to be specific.

The only way I can describe the results of this particular weed is to say that it was like it was feeding my ADD.  It’s been a really, really long time since I’ve felt like that. I’ve spent many years working to control my brain’s urge to meander… and this just totally wiped out all my ability/control. Hoooooboy.

I was cheerful enough and the high was very cerebral, both of which were nice side effects. I had super relaxed muscles – which was nice for my shoulder/neck situation. I was a little snack-y but not uncontrollably – it wasn’t a case where food was magically delightful.

(This weed, actually, tasted delightful from the start – a lot like orange peels. Which, to me, is a good thing. A really nice, bright citrus taste that lingered.)

But.. I could not focus on anything for more than a minute or two. I kept starting something, getting distracted, and then starting something else. I kept forgetting what I was doing while I was doing it. The day felt like it was 400 hours – not in a bad way, just that time was going by ridiculously slowly.   I kept looking at the clock and wondering how the hell it could possibly still not be nighttime.

None of it bothered me. I was kind of.. in the moment.

Definitely not the weed to use when I’ve got something – anything – that needs to get done.  That said, it was a really nice rest for my brain in a way that didn’t involve sleeping.

I’m curious how well I’ll sleep tonight – my usual evening consumption has been very helpful (both in terms of getting me to fall asleep but also, I think, staying asleep) and it would be lovely if other strains did that, too.

2 thoughts on “Tangerine Dream Review.

  1. Michelle

    I need to follow all your reviews, in case (for when) I decide I want to try something. I have struck “Tangerine Dream” off my list. I have no desire to be less focused and scattered than I already am.

  2. Chz

    I can’t imagine that would be great for trying to ease my anxiety. I’ve pretty much stayed away from the stuff for ages because I can’t be sure what’s going to leave me nice and calm, and what’s going to have my mind bouncing off the walls. Not that I can really order the stuff from Canada, but I do appreciate the review.


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