Astrology for 2019.

I have always enjoyed the idea of astrology – that the stars align in various ways to make various things happen (whether those ‘things’ are personality traits or specific events) but I don’t attach a lot of weight to the idea. There is just no reasonable, rational way to use astrology. It’s fun, but.. yeah. If you read the profile of a typical Cancer it certainly describes me, but.. y’know. You can read anything and make it fit, somehow, if the wording is vague enough.

At any rate, a friend posted these horoscopes on FB this morning and I clicked through to see what my sign had to say – and.. well, it’s pretty accurate about the things I need to change and/or do differently.  Maybe it just feels that way because I’m looking for inspiration or trying to shift how I work and exist?


Here’s my horoscope:


Your Contribution to the Movement: Redefinition.  
Challenge in this Era: Let’s be clear, Cancer, you feed the movement. Maybe this means making food for your families, friends, community, or projects. But really it means that the way you show up, care for your loved ones, make houses into homes, and strive to offer guidance, compassion, and empathy to many, indeed does feed the movement emotionally and spiritually. The love and work that Cancer offers is essential, and everyone needs it from someone, however it often goes without thanks and is taken for granted. Your challenge for this era is to redefine motherhood, parenthood, caregiving, and home and family life at large. You do this by transforming those definitions in your own life, in ways that are unique and personal to you. These identities no longer mean self-sacrifice, or putting everyone’s needs ahead of your own while you tumble into never-ending cycles of burnout. When you uplift your own needs and boundaries, this teaches the entire collective something significant about themselves. Your tough love, Mama Bear way of nurturing inspires anyone who witnesses you. While you undergo this transformation you are shedding many of your own old ideas and attachments to what home, family, and identity used to feel like, and you may have to let go of some loved ones in the process too. Cancer medicine says, it’s okay to feel those losses and gains as deeply as you need to. Your emotions won’t kill you. Your emotions are your strength.


Interestingly, I also learned about the concept of the moon sign (the “inner me”)  and the ascending sign (the way I am perceived by other people).  Here’s a little overview of that stuff.

My moon sign is Scorpio. My ascending sign is Aquarius.

So, here’s how others will perceive me:


Your Contribution to the Movement: Organizing with Principles of Friendship, not Duty. 
Challenge in this Era: Aquarius, you are the master organizer when it comes to bringing together people, ideas, projects, and forward momentum. You’re also super tuned in to that future frequency, which means you’re thinking about sustainability too. You know in your heart that our movements should not be just another task we put on an already over-loaded list, or shoved into an already booked schedule, or just another obligation that causes burnout. Instead, you’re asking the movement to uplift qualities of a good fucking friendship. Good friendships accept and respect each of us as we are, as our own unique, individual, weirdo genius. Friendships are places we can recharge, have fun, gain energy, comfort, safety, and inspiration. In good friendships, there is no control or manipulation, no talking down to or over one another. There is genuine respect for each other’s autonomy, but also a deep desire to connect, and to share resources, knowledge, time, care, and company. A good friend will give you space to grow and change when you need to. All these qualities are essential in our movements as well, especially as we need to be open to adapting to a quickly changing social and global climate on a collective scale. Your challenge in this era will be confronting whatever dynamics get in the way of friendship: unchecked power dynamics, power-tripping, tyranny, dictatorship. It will feel daunting, but when you get overwhelmed, just remember you’re not in this alone. Gather your people. That’s the whole point.

And the inner me:


Your Contribution to the Movement: You Break the Cycle. 
Challenge in this Era: Dear Scorpio, since birth you have carried memories of the most painful side of humanity. You have carried secrets from your ancestors that they had nobody to tell but your body. Most Scorpios grow up with some kind of close and intimate knowledge of death, suicide, mental health crises, abuse, or addiction. You’ve likely dealt with supporting family members or loved ones through these struggles, or you yourself have experienced them and lived to tell the tale. Why? Because you came here to break the cycle. Your challenge is to not let yourself be defined by the violence you’ve faced or witnessed. Rather, remind yourself that you have created miracles just by being alive. Scorpio is the sign that rules intergenerational trauma. These are cycles of poverty, sexual or psychological abuse, secrets, despair, and pain that are passed down through generations. So many tried their best, but did not know how to break out of the circumstances they were given. That’s why we have Scorpio. More than any other, you know about death and rebirth. You know what it is to take the violence that you’ve been given and turn it into an empowering story. In our movements, we fear the phoenix, we fear the one who feels as deeply as the ocean, but we need Scorpio more than ever. We need to be brave enough to be present with the generational wounds of slavery, genocide, mass displacement, incarceration, and the ugliest sides of humanity we’ve seen. We need the courage to sit with the emotional and psychological impacts these systems have had on our hearts and minds—whether we have been harmed or done the harm, or both. We mustn’t run away from the ways that these violent systems have been internalized within us—that is the only way we can let them die. Scorpio, your medicine is the death ritual. We follow your lead. We are your witness, as you bury the pain you’ve endured in the Earth’s soil, as you grow new life from the dirt. We praise you.

Well. Okay then.

2 thoughts on “Astrology for 2019.

  1. Coffee

    The Scorpio one got a bit more real than most horoscopes tend to be.

    I don’t remember who is was, but someone in middle school that I seriously disliked had a bday close enough to mine that they were in my horoscope. Reading anything vague, but suggestive killed a lot of my credulity knowing that in theory the same stuff was also describing a total asshole.


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