I Don’t Believe In Astrology Until It Fits Perfectly And Then I’ll Accept It.

Knight of Swords

It’s go-time, Moonchild. This month requires courage, clarity, communication, and creative outlets. Yes, it’s Eclipse season, and you experience their intensity in a particularly intimate way. Your life feels like a tight shell: brittle and no longer large enough to contain the next version of you. Instead of staying in that too-small space, use this month’s cosmic surge to bust out of outmoded beliefs and habits by taking action. It starts when you move towards what deserve with determination.

Sometimes, when you focus on where you’d like to go, grief, disappointment, and self-betrayal cloud your vision. Old experiences and betrayals well up like a storm that causes you to freeze. In May, don’t take the bait. The past has passed. Leave it there.

When you put yourself first, it can feel unnatural. An unwavering commitment to reciprocal care and compassion will do that to a crab. Uncomfortable sensations do not equal bad or wrong. How you’ve loyally shown up for others is now how you must show up for yourself. Boundaries are often discussed in reactionary or defensive ways, when really, boundaries work best when they are pro-active. Prioritize everything you’ve wanted to create for the last three years. Make schedules. Write that book proposal and make pitches. Reach out to new allies with confidence and charm. You aren’t going back. You’re flowing into a different, and larger life.

Suggested spell ingredients: New and liberating structures, white candles, at least two affirmations that remind you of what you need, the Better Boundaries Online Course, and a shell-dissolving ceremony.


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