Nothing Important Whatsoever.

I am terrible – objectively – at asking for help. I like to be in control of my own stuff, basically, and I don’t trust other people to do things the way that I want them to be done.  Luckily, I have friends who just do it anyway – in a respectful, kind way.

Yesterday I spent about 8 hours doing yard work. Mowing the lawns, pulling weeds, working on the pool, cleaning out the shed, collecting trash, sweeping. My friend R worked alongside me – not literally – and quietly pulled out ivy and helped haul a bunch of things around. The start of the year is the worst for yard work when everything needs to be managed before it explodes with the warmer weather. But it’s all under control for now and I am so grateful.

On the subject of the pool, it’s open and it’s functioning and I think it’ll be reasonable for swimming soon. I’ve been watching the temperature rise every day since I opened it – the weather has been so hot – that I’m a little sad for the solar blanket I purchased. Maybe it won’t get much use this year?  I like the water around 78F and it’s currently nudging towards 74, sooooo… this is me being hopeful.

I’ve been sorting and tidying rooms – slowly but surely – and reorganizing my stuff and figuring out what needs to be fixed or finished. I’ve got a hefty to-do list, and not a huge stack of money, so things will just have to take whatever time they take.  I’ve also been learning to take care of some of the weed plants and I’ve got a tomato plant outdoors in the sun.

In the past week I’ve been flirted with and full-on propositioned and that’s entertaining as all get-out for a bunch of reasons. It’s nice, though. I guess I’m not too old for shenanigans? (I do not wish to partake in the shenanigans, but my ego appreciates it nonetheless.)

And that’s all I’ve got for now. Some sore shoulders and a slightly tidier house and, well, what more does a girl need?

(Oh, and the youngest kid now has COVID so I’m doing double-time on the hand washing and whatnot and hoping against all hope that I’ll stay symptom free, if not fully healthy. My regular testing continues!)

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