Shiny Stars.

I went out a few nights ago and, in the process, verbally gave one my friends the official “you got me to leave my house for something other than work” award.

It was weird. We were the only ones in the place wearing masks. I do not know how I feel about this, in the bigger picture, but it felt so very surreal. There is no option to NOT wear a mask at my workplace (except when I am alone in my office which is just like being alone at home) so I haven’t seen the bottom half of a group of people’s faces for.. a long time.. in a public setting.

Other than that weirdness, it was a nice evening. I made a little (profane) embroidery piece that I will hang up on a wall or give to someone.  I haven’t done embroidery since childhood, so it was both familiar and awkward. Not a bad combination, honestly.

I bought myself a pre-birthday pair of limited edition Fluevogs – delightful! expensive! so frivolous! so many shiny stars on them! – but have otherwise just been focused on all the things around the house that need doing. So much yard work! So many questions about the pool! Like a little old man, I just seem to putter around. I am figuring things out as I go along, mostly, while sending messages to Coffee (and others) with my endless questions. So far, at least, no one has blocked me. Win!

I am getting into a nice routine around here. The things that felt impossibly hard are getting easier as I get used to them – or, at least, less stressful.  My brain is calming down a bit around the hypervigilance and endless rolling of thoughts.

We’re on a bit of a cooler weather streak right now, which is fine with me, but I’m looking forward to a bit of sunshine for the upcoming Mustang meet-ups. It feels like forever since I went to hang out with all the beautiful cars (and their owners, I guess, too?).

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