Hi there.

In 1993, my first year of university, I started blogging – although it wasn’t yet called ‘blogging’. Plenty of people had online journals, or diaries, where they recorded their thoughts to share with the approximately 22 other people who were on the internet at the time.

Okay, there were more than 22. But the internet felt like a really small place at the time, despite already reaching around the world, and even as a woman there wasn’t much worry about putting your thoughts and feelings out into the world for anyone to stumble across.

Somewhere in the mid- to late-90’s, I spent a ridiculous amount of money and registered darkviolet.com for myself. A place to put photos and write stuff down. I added in some mailing lists.

Eventually, I shuttered the blog and moved to another site and resumed blogging there for a bit. A lot of life happened while I was there. The past 15-ish years has been pretty full.

But now, after that adventure, I’m back home again (although I’m now based from the .ca version of my domain).  The rooms have been cleared out of cobwebs, there’s a fresh coat of paint, and It feels so good to be here.